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What is New Clothes?

New Clothes is a feature film adaptation of a Hans Christian Andersen fable as told by a touring theatre company from Vermont. It was shot in seven days on the fourth floor of an apartment building in downtown Brattleboro. The action takes place in a timeless kingdom where painted canvas and cardboard live comfortably next to refrigerators and radiators. Two poor swindlers set out to scheme their way into the royal palace, where they will attempt to get rich by tricking the Emperor and his court out of the clothes on their backs.

...and who is Vermont Suitcase Company?

Vermont Suitcase Company has toured fast, funny, accessible theatre around Vermont since 2018. We travel to bars, pizza parlors, performance venues, and community centers all over the state with four poles, one big curtain, and a dozen suitcases filled with costumes and props. New Clothes is our feature film debut, and we're so excited to be able to bring our group's passion for theatrical storytelling and fun, scrappy aesthetics to a broader audience. If you're interested in learning more about our theatrical productions, check out our website,

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Production Photos by Candace Morgan Hope (@candacehope)